Future Time Shift to support Forecast data

I have some displays where I need a mixture of forecast and current data, or various mixes of times relative to each other.

I was hoping I could specify a future “Add time shift” so that I could nudge different graphs to different times (e.g. one to now+2d, another now+14d etc) Data is forecast power demand for a grid.

Actually it would be great if I could override time on individual series on a graph.

Any plans to support these scenarios?



According to this issue it should be supported.

Please use +1d in the Override relative time field instead of timeshift.

Please let me know if this works


Thanks Marcus. Your workaround does the job for fixed visualisations, but it removes the user’s ability to control what forecast data is displayed.

In my industry, our customers are often needing to analyse forecast data. Ideally, @tgg’s issue would be best solved by adding relative time ranges for future intervals (i.e. set a period of past data and a period of future data). E.g. the user could set the range from 3 hours in the past to 1 hour in the future.

Is there any plan relative time ranges for future periods?

I would use dashboard time selector:

I’m using Grafana v7. When I select ‘Apply time range’ in your picture above, my relative selection turns into an absolute time range which no longer updates:

Before applying:

After applying:

The goal would be to keep it at now()-3h to now()+1h, and have it update to new time intervals as required.

v7 is still beta, so feel free to report issue. Anyway, if you configure time range via GET parameters in the URL:


it still works.

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Thanks for the workaround :slight_smile:

I found a similar issue raised on the Grafana Github which looks like it was addressed in the last few days.