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I have a dashboard specifically setup to display nicely on my iPad and I used the “Add to Home screen” function of the Safari iOS to add an icon to Home screen to make my Grafana feel like a native iPad app. Typically when you add a web page to the home screen using “Add to Home screen” function, the icon will open the web page from the home screen without the URL bar ever being shows (full screen all the time).
Info on “Add to Home screen” function:

However with Grafana, it always shows the URL bar.

From my understand, the web page must have a specific meta tag for this “Add to Home screen” function to work as intended (keeping web page full screen at all times without URL bar):

My question is, how can I insert the single line meta tag into my Grafana dashboard so that the “Add to Home screen” works as intended?

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. You will be prompted with a popup message asking you if you want to forget Wi-Fi Network.

I would like this to work too

+1 I think that would be helpful for a lot of people
(I know could be solved with proxy or plugin, but an option would be better for everyone)