From the free Grafana cloud instance disappeared OnCall area

I saw that there has been an update of the online graphical interface on Grafana free Cloud (what I’m on), but the icon and the OnCall section have disappeared?

Where can I find it? Where did all that area go?
All my escalation chains and alerts?

Are they accessible by paying? I have read that the use is limited to 30 notifications, but it is not clear to me if this lack is related to the limits of the free version… maybe after the trial?


Not sure why for your use case but I am seeing it


Hi @yosiasz and thanks for your reply… but seems that you’re on the same plan? Right? From how many months? Anyway over the trial period?
Can you post the same screenshot of side menu like the mine?
I would like to see differences

Not sure what url you are on.

I contacted customer service, with whom I opened a thread, the problem arose when the Grafana 9.4 version was updated online.

For some compatibility reason with the old alerts, which maybe I was using, the whole Oncall section didn’t appear to me.

In the end it’s something that they are solving for me on the Grafana Customer Care side, I told them to cancel any legacy alert so that Oncall and all the new mode reappears.

I couldn’t do anything about it from the interface.

I’m waiting for the final release of the operation.