Fire alert only when state changes

I am trying to create an alert to be fired if a overflow sensor has had overflow (overflow=1) for more than five minutes. My main problem is that if I check very often (every 1-5 min) I get a lot of repeated alerts as the level has not changed. What I want is one alert when it has been in overflow for 5min or more, and then be alerted if it goes from overflow=0 to overflow=1 again. This means that I only want to alerted when the state changes and has kept it’s value for 5 minutes or more. But I do not want alerts when the state has not changed since the last alert or when the state changes back to 0.

As a data source we use timescale and have currently used the following query to get the warning (same 0/1 response, sensor located lower for warning pre overflow) value over time for each object (sensor):

  obj.metadata -> 'sid' as name
FROM ts_water_overflow as wof
JOIN iot_objects as obj ON wof.object_fk =
  obj.metadata -> 'sid' != '0'
GROUP BY 1,2,3

Any tips on how to create such alerts?

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Can someone please help us with the above requirement?

hi naresh :wave:

could you share more details of the configuration of your alert? what’s your evaluation interval (the every and for part of the rule) ?

For more details see step 6 in this guide:

Hi @antonio

I appreciate the response. I have selected all rows in the database where the status is “FAILED”; an email notice should then be sent.

MySQL is my data source. When a failed status is received, an email alert should be sent, and if a success is received, ignore it.

@antonio Can you please help me on the above?


If I understand you correctly, I think you should make an alert with a condition on the FAILED state. The alert should be firing when the condition is met and Grafana will send you a firing notification. When the Firing state changes to OK (SUCCESS), by default Grafana will send you a resolved notification.

To disable this behavior, go to Alerts → Contact points → Edit → Notification Settings → Check Disable resolved message.


It’s true, but I’m encountering the following issue while attempting to create a new alert with MySQL as the database source. Please let me know how to fix the problem.

Failed to evaluate queries and expressions: failed to execute conditions: input data must be a wide series but got type not (input refid)

This error is not clear unless you know how server-side expressions (SSE) work in Grafana. Basically, it says that the response format is expected to be a time series but received not a time series (or “type not”). However, SSE has a special case for non-timeseries but it needs a number field. So, I would recommend you changing your SELECT clause the following way

   bkp_status as Status,
   1 as value

This should work,

@yuriy.tseretyan Let me try the above, and I will let you know the same.