Finding Grafana OS packages in unbrowsable webservers

I was searching for arm64 packages on dl-dot-grafana-dot-com and/or packages-dot-grafana-dot-com, and wanted to verify the path/make sure that the arch was distributed, but I can’t browse any path on either server; dl-dot-grafana-dot-com gives an empty file, and packages-dot-grafana-dot-com and subpaths lead to an “Access denied”. Presumably this is because of the specific web server on top of the particular cloud storage backing the server, but, it would be a great help if those paths were browsable. Any idea who to contact about possibly changing that configuration?

(sorry for the stupid -dot- stuff but the idiot forum bot thinks I’m putting in links to be malicious)

Hi @danmick,

FWIW I don’t even have access to packages-dot.

Can you not find the ARM binary you want on here?

I found the ARM binary I wanted, but that wasn’t the question.