Find and replace in templating variable values

I’m using grafana 4.6, when I create varible and fetch values from elasticsearch, it usually have semicolon at the end. So I want to remove or replace with something else. Is it possible to do it?


Use the regex field for that scenario, see documentation.

You need to understand that you need to take into account when using the variables later in panel to filter data to add that semicolon or filter using “starts with”


What is filter using “starts with”?

I have similar problem, example


I wanted to replace %20 with a space as shown below.

XYZ - ABC Newsletter
XYZ - Newsletter
XYZ - Exploration and Production
XYZ - Operations and Supply

Is it really possible to do?

No you can’t replace, that’s not supported.

Has this been made available in Grafana 7.5.4 ?
I would like to replace all instances of a specific character in a variable.