Filter by field value


I have few instances of running programm.
They consist of different Nodes. Each Node have some diagnostic information.

Here is example of filling log with this info:

{“Node”: “transport_forts”, “Status”: “online”, “MsgIn”: “7907”, “VER”: “12da7”, “Warns”: “0”, “Pid”: “26644”, “System”: “MC_IFT_SBRF”, “Errs”: “0”, “MsgOut”: “7909”}
{“Node”: “transport_micex”, “Status”: “online”, “MsgIn”: “1165”, “VER”: “12da7”, “Warns”: “0”, “Pid”: “26648”, “System”: “MC_IFT_SBRF”, “Errs”: “0”, “MsgOut”: “1557”}
{“Node”: “transport_micex_eqt”, “Status”: “online”, “MsgIn”: “795073”, “VER”: “12da7”, “Warns”: “0”, “Pid”: “26658”, “System”: “MC_IFT_SBRF”, “Errs”: “0”, “MsgOut”: “795073”}

It was displayed well:

Then I started to fill another log file with info from another instance:

{“Node”: “transport_micex”, “Status”: “online”, “MsgIn”: “233842”, “VER”: “12da7”, “Warns”: “0”, “Pid”: “16710”, “System”: “MC_UAT”, “Errs”: “6739”, “MsgOut”: “242401”}
{“Node”: “feed_forts_clearing_money”, “Status”: “offline”, “MsgIn”: “0”, “VER”: “12da7”, “Warns”: “0”, “Pid”: “22502”, “System”: “MC_UAT”, “Errs”: “0”, “MsgOut”: “0”}

It has some Nodes with the same name and some with different(running on Linux with different users).
How can I show that it is another instance? Field "System" helps.
So, the first instance has value
"System": "MC_IFT_SBRF"
the second:
"System": "MC_UAT"

I understood that my Panel now should filter data somehow.
I specified log path for it in the “Query”(you can see on the picture above).
Actualy I can make it with:
Ok. Now I see only data from first instance.

But in the legend I saw Nodes from the another log(with System: MC_UAT).
Hide series option in the “Legend” helped me.


Now I want to display Errs with “Stat” visualization:

But is shows every loaded Nodes(include new from 2nd instance).
Filtering in Query doesn’t help.
Actually it helps a bit. There are not any values from the 2nd instance displayed.
But Node names still here.
The problem is that this visualization doesn’t have “Hide” option.

To conclude, I want dashboard with:

  1. Panel “Graph” with values “Messages out” splitted by Nodes from 1st instance(made well as I described).
  2. Panel “Stat” with value “Errors” splitted by Nodes from 1st instance(cannot make it as I described).

For every instance of programm. At the present 2 instances are started. But will be 4.
Each of them fill its own log with speific value of a field "System": "..."

Could you tell me, please, how can I filter well data by field value(or log path) on the each panel?