Filesize data reported live

In grafana, using influxdb and have a single server selected by IP (Ubuntu commandline only if that matters) how do i monitor a file’s size?
There is a file that grows over time, and the queue for maintenance is with a file has a specific size or larger.
It is a single file that i have the path for, how would I go about doing this?

Am I trying to do something that is NOT possible? Do I need more\more specific info to get an assist? Please let me know.

yes you are rigth, im sorry

Im right, it is impossible?
Or that i need to add some different info, and if so, what?

@dmbiel you mentioned that you’re using an Influx database but you didn’t mention what data you’re storing there. Is the file size in question stored as a value in the database? If not, you’ll need to start by periodically storing it there (so you can query and display it with Grafana).

There are many ways to do that, one of them being Telegraf. See e.g. du - How to monitor the size of a directory via Telegraf - Stack Overflow for some potential approaches

Grafana itself doesn’t provide any facility for reading a file size on another machine.

I will go over the link shortly, thanks for that.

As for influx i set it as a google result had suggested it, but it was not working as described. I am actually not looking at something in a DB itself, but specifically a file on the server.
I might have to do this based off of Directory rather than file, it is not ideal, but should work.

I will followup letting you know either way, thanks