Feature Request: Templating / template free-form text

We have datasets with many tag values and reasonably high cardinality (TSDB doesn’t matter - it’s the same problem in InfluxDB as Prometheus, for instance.) It is not reasonable to display picklists of all the possible tag values, as they scroll off the screen and that method is somewhat cumbersome with more than a dozen or so options.

It would be extremely useful to be able to enter free-form text into a template field which could then be substituted in a Metric query.

This does not sound as complex as most of the other template value options, so I am hoping it would be an easy addition. In an ideal world, the string would be the same format as that which is found in the metric query - that is to say, expansion would be done with comma-separated multi-values, or wildcards. However, even an exact non-interpreted version would work for 90% of our cases where we’re just putting in a specific number, three digit POP string, or IP address in CIDR notation (for example.) It would save lots of time by avoiding “Edit” one-time lookup aborts just to get the data for a single tag value.

Apologies if this is in the wrong place for discussion of FR’s - I will gladly re-post this where “feature requests” are supposed to go, but did not see a clear place for such things.

Yes, would be useful! Not currently supported. Think there is an open feature request for this.

We’d be happy to put a few hundred dollars towards this if the payment method was fairly frictionless (PayPal or credit card.) I don’t think we could sponsor the whole feature as a formal contracted development workset, but certainly a significant part could be sponsored if others were also interested or there was some other matching money towards the feature.

Is there a location where I can search on open feature requests other than the Github location?


No github is the primary location, if you want us to prioritise a feature you can sign up for a support subscription on grafana.com