Failed to handle the end-of-test summary

Hi Team,

I assigned the relevant imports and define the function to generate the html report on the file.

Terminal shows generating summary report, but can’t find the report.

Shows an error message “Failed to handle the end-of-test summary”

Hi Team,

I re-write the code again now html report generated on my local, but when i try to run the sane test on Code build i’m getting an error saying

time=“2022-03-02T05:18:23Z” level=error msg=“failed to handle the end-of-test summary” error=“Could not save some summary information:\n\t- could not open ‘./src/tests/mod/summary.html’: open ./src/tests/mod/summary.html: no such file or directory”

This seems like either this location doesn’t exist where you are running the k6 test or that the user you are running the test as doesn’t have permissions for it :man_shrugging:

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