Failed to do a full state sync to database

We’ve recently enabled alertingSaveStatePeriodic which has been working great, however I am seeing an issue performing a sync due to a duplicate:

logger=ngalert.state.manager.persist t=2024-05-16T09:58:07.730156622Z level=error msg="Full state sync failed" duration=1m18.187675253s instances=35919

logger=ngalert.state.manager.persist t=2024-05-16T09:58:07.730235243Z level=error msg="Failed to do a full state sync to database" err="failed to insert into alert_instance table: Error 1062 (23000): Duplicate entry '3-8x3hzx84k-24b9988c99a69642a96b3641122fe82234dbcab6' for key 'PRIMARY'"

I can’t find any documentation on how best to handle this, guessing delete the entry in the db?