Extracting Specific Time Period From Time Range Control

hope you all doing good. I have a question about time range control. Our servers recycles at specific time everyday. Therefore the number of errors at that time (its about one minutes until the server is up) is ascending to absurd numbers. This situation leads our graph ( at this graph we observe the transactions errors) to having an unobservable view. For example, the number of errors at 4 o’clock is above the normal conditions due to recycling of server as you can see below the graph. What i want to do is to extract this time period (03:59-04:01) and see the graph without any ordinary impact. Does any of you know a way to achieve seeing a pure graph?

What is your data source? The danger with hiding it is the cry wolf/trojan effect. What if there are other real dangers lurking at that same exact time cloaking or hiding under the cover of as a server restart

hey Yosi,
we use ElasticSearch as datasource. Yes, you are right. There is a possibility to happen other dangereous actions. But what i want is not to delete there 2 min time permanently. Just write the time period to two textboxes. Then Grafana parses that textboxes and the graph will exclude two minutes period. If i dont write any time period to these boxes, the graph will not exclude any time period and i can see the full view. Is there a way to do it ?