Extending TablePanelCtrl instead of MetricsPanelCtrl while creating my own plugin

Hi Folks,
I am trying to develop a grid plugin. I need to use all the options which are used in edit panel of the simple grafana’s builtin table panel.

I am trying to inherit TablePanelCtrl instead of MetricsPanelCtrl

import {TablePanelCtrl} from 'grafana/app/plugins/panel/table/module';

export class AgGridController extends TablePanelCtrl {

On browser it takes following path, but it gives 404
But doesn’t work.

Please help me work this out.

Same issue.
I am looking for an answer too. It would be sad not to be able to inherit the base Grafana panels.

My idea in this problem is that the 404 error appears due to an unexpected path resolving.
Compile time you receive no warnings and everything it’s fine. In browser the Path resolver change the URL and then 404 error appears.

Or maybe Grafana itself doesn’t allow import from any folders you want. But only for specific ones.
Why not include GraphCtrl in the SDK in the first place?