Expose grafana data as an API

I am quite new to grafana, have setup a few dashboards and data sources. Currently I would want to use the grafana API to show live stats on my website. I found one solution for making the dashboard public and attaching it to my website using a iframe.

I would prefer to expose the data using an REST API. Show the current amount of users, messages on the website. Can grafana be used in this way or should the data be exposed from a different service? What are the best practices

Hey @brokker,
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After a quick research I see Data source HTTP API | Grafana documentation exists. It should solve your issue.

Can you better explain why you don’t want to use the advantage provided by a Grafana dashboard? Isn’t it just more work for you to reinvent a custom UI?

Let me clarify that this is the category for the Grafana k6 project, your question is mostly related to Grafana, so the next time you should post in Grafana as you may get more accurate feedback there.

Thank you! Its rather silly, its for a footer to show how many active users/messages are sent, thanks for help with the topic placing also!