Exporting csv with content of hidden column - Table Plugin

Currently using Table plugin with elastic search DB, am pulling some data out of i have configured couple of columns as hidden, in-order to use the value of those columns as tool tip instead of showing them as separate column.

when i export table data using export CSV option, i could see even hidden columns also exported but values are exported as “undefined”. Can someone help me how to export even hidden columns with its actual value instead of “undefined”

I guess the version you’re using is grafana6.0

In the course of my use,I found when i hide field in the field option,the hidden columns in csv will display in ‘undefined’.

you can try to hide field in metric

Thanks for the reply. Yes i am using grafana version 6.2.2.

This is my query, how to hide a column using metric option ?

Try to use Datatable plugin, then use JSON as Metric, then choose the right column in the Datatable option to show, other columns that not selected will hide.