Explanation of the default grafana cloud promtail setup

I’m looking at the “default” promtail setup for ingesting logs from Kubernetes using Loki

I’d like to tweak the labelling, but I’m struggling to understand what the default scrape configs mean - it looks like theres a bunch of different configs that all do the same - ingest container logs.
It would be good if the default setup had at least some basic documentation, like what the differences are between the various scrape configs:
“job_name: kubernetes-pods-name”
“job_name: kubernetes-pods-app”
“job_name: kubernetes-pods-direct-controllers”
“job_name: kubernetes-pods-indirect-controller”
“job_name: kubernetes-pods-static”

This stuff is really confusing me, making it very difficult to figure out how to make any changes to the labelling without breaking promtail’s default functionality

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