Explanation of query log

I have following log:

level=info ts=2022-07-27T12:46:44.991385889Z caller=metrics.go:122 <mark>component=frontend</mark> org_id=fake latency=fast query="sum by(app)(count_over_time({app=\"ams\"}[12h]))" query_type=metric range_type=range length=5m0s step=200ms duration=3.97804026s status=200 limit=1392 returned_lines=0 throughput=1.7GB total_bytes=6.8GB queue_time=450.367731ms subqueries=17

Can you explain me what queue_time and duration means in this context?
queue_time is max time of subquery?
Duration is how long it took to complete all subqueries?

Thanks Roman