Expanding a graph, in edit mode, will cut off the query window

Whenever you expand the graph as you’re editing, the query window below it will move down, however, the window with the query does not expand with it. When scrolling the full window, you can see that the query view is reduced in size and cannot be re-sized. This makes the query window more difficult to use, edit, etc.

Reproduced in play.grafana.org

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Edit a graph
  2. Expand the graph by dragging the holder down, notice the query view move down
  3. Scroll full window down
  4. Notice query view does not fill the remaining size of the window. Query view has its own scroll bar, but if too small, can become unusable because of the scroll bar disappearing.

Grafana version: 6.2.5
Data source: all
Browser: Google Chrome Version 75.0.3770.100