Excluding some colors for charts

I’m trying to exclude one color from the list of possible colors for graphs.
The idea is to allocate red colors to some never existed parameters for an element.

"aliasColors": {
    "color1": "light-red",
    "color2": "semi-dark-red",
    "color3": "dark-red",
    "color4": "red"

Sad to say but it’s not working…

Is there any workaround?

Series overwrite functionality can’t be used due to unpredictable amount of parameters and their names.

So you only want the red color to be applied if the parameter never been present before? Or do you want it to be locked to a specific parameter?

It is required to omit using red colors at all.

I’m afraid that it’s not possible to exclude some colors from being used. You can only assign a color via aliasColors. Not using it to exclude a color from being used.

So the only option to “not have red colors” automatically assigned is - Extend Panel to have this “exclude” section and modify Panel color assignment code?
Do you think this is something can be accepted if we do this?

Yes, I would say that is the way to go.

Hard to say. I would start by opening an issue on this one. Explaining the problem and maybe suggest a possible solution. Then you can get feedback, in an early stage, if this is something that would be accepted.

My workaround for limited usage of colors in graph:

Thank you for sharing your workaround.
But in may case it’s unpredictable string values in parameters.