Error while creating alerts

I’m getting the following error while trying to save an alert. It has to do with the Group field in Add details for your alert.
Failed to save rule: failed to update rule group: failed to query database for a group of alert rules: pq: missing FROM-clause entry for table “a”

I only discovered this when I tried a different group name that I was using for the rest of my alerts. Is there some fixed values that can only be assigned to the Group field?

Edit: Looks like ther is an issue #55901 already posted. Issue only surfaces when trying to update the group value and not when setting the value initially when the alert is created.

I have read the documentation and am aware that it says the group value has to be “pre-defined”. However, the value which worked for the other alerts which I was able to successfully set up was not pre-defined, at least not by me.
Where would I be able to view the list of these pre-defined groups?