Error when adding new dashboard page 404

I’m having a problem adding a new dashboard.
This problem started when I put the script behind a reverse proxy apache.

The grafana.ini settings are as below.

domain =
root_url =
enable_gzip = true

The apache settings are as below

ProxyPreserveHost On
ProxyPass /dash http://localhost:3000
ProxyPassReverse /dash http://localhost:3000

I’m using https in apache to access grafana.

Can you see what url Grafana is trying to access in the Chrome dev tools?

Is that supposed to be https?

the URL and the following

The grafana is configured http, in reverse proxy apache is https

Yes but you configured the root_url to start with http - seems wrong to me.

already changed to
root_url =
The error persists

Can you answer this then?

What information do you want?

Oh, think you’ve run into a bug with Grafana’s regex. The url is incorrect: https://xxx/dash/board/new should be https://xxx/dash/dashboard/new

The easy fix is to use something that is not dash or anything to do with dashboard for the proxy value.

OK it worked,
Thanks a lot for the help.
A big hug

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