Error: Use of closed network connection

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

  • First of all i am running a grafana cloud instance (version 8.5.2.) on my linux machine.

I have a error message which is appearing after 22 days of querying my influx-cloud-dataset which looks as following:

  1. “example-bucket”:
  2. _measurement: list of sensors
  3. _tags=(“stateofactive”, “stateofbattery”): 2 tags which show if the sensor is active and the battery percentage
  4. _field=(“Longitude”, “Latitude”, “measurementofthesensor”): 3 fields which show long and lat as well as the measurement of the specific sensor (f.ex. humidity => 30 %)
  • The error message i receive is:

read tcp ip1->ip2 use of closed network connection (Client.Timeout or context cancellation while reading body),read tcp ip1->ip2: use of closed network connection (Client.Timeout or context cancellation while reading body)

  • This error message is completly new for me after the past 10 days i did not have anything similiar and everything went perfectly fine

  • These error messages are on my time-series panels which show me my data from the past 30 and 90 day. My panels where i only query the past 1 and 7 day(s) are not affected:

I have already looked into my influx-db where everything seems fine. Besides that i only reloaded my panel but it wont work for me. Other sensor

What is this error exactly describing and how can i solve this error. Would be grateful to hear from someone.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:
Greetings Grafu

Where is the influxdb installed in relation to grafana? Different vm instance? How is influx db being populated, what is the write rate?

Hi there yosiasz,

i use the influxdb-cloud model. My grafana is also running on a grafana cloud pro model. The influxdb is populated via a lambda function with data from a s3 bucket which is sending csv data to my influx-instance. It receives approx. 300kb every 5 minutes.

Or what do you mean with write rate ?