Error Message for setting phone number in Grafana OnCall is Cryptic

I’m very excited about the new features being included with OnCall(side note, may want to add a topic to this forum for this product) but just wanted to give some feedback on a cryptic error message I received and hopefully save someone else some frustration.

When adding a phone number to my user, I was repeatedly getting a message saying “Unable to send code” and a 400 error in the console. On a whim, added the country code (which folks in the US usually omit) and it worked perfectly. Ideally, the form would indicate that the country code is required, and fail validation in the browser if only 9 digits are entered.

@jjeffryes thank you so much for the report! Such suggestions help us a lot to improve Grafana OnCall :slight_smile:

P.S. Updated error message will be rolled out to the production soon.