error happen when I deploy loki in aws eks: failed parsing config: /etc/loki/loki.yaml: parsing time

the loki pod couldn’t be deployed in aws eks, how to solve this error?

loki-chart-version: 2.1.1
loki-image version: v2.0.0

Hi @hepyu

Please provide your config - the information you’ve given is not enough to diagnose the problem.

What dannykopping said… The only place in the config I can think of that you would set a date is for the schema. All examples I have seen have the format YYYY-MM-DD without timezone etc.

You should have the config in your values.yaml or you can check the Loki ConfigMap.

I had solved this. The reason is very funny.
The official config have no double quotation mark on the date format, like this:

the official config: no double quotation mark, invalid.

I changed like this ,then ok, so funny: