Error getting date and time from a mysql database

At the time of making the query to a table that has only two dateTime and temperature columns, there are 3 records which, when displayed in the table and inside the grafana panel, change the time of how it is in my table and the problem is that doing the formatting fixes it, but I want to use a transformation from series to rows and that’s when it doesn’t work, (two queries were used for that transformation)

I think you’ll have to give a bit more detail about both your data and the
query you are currently using for someone to be able to help.

For example, you say “a table that has only two dateTime and temperature
columns”. Does that mean two columns - one DateTime and one Temperature, or
do you have two DateTime columns and one Temperature column? Or even two
DateTime and two Temperature?

Then you talk about 3 records which behave in a certain way. Does that mean
other records in the table do not behave in this way? What’s the difference
between these three records and all the others?

I suggest you show us a small but represenatative sample of what your data
looks like (CSV is a good format for posting here), and explain what you want
the final output of some query to be.


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