Error after security update

In jenkins we LT Distributed test before we update the security patches it run the test and show the result in grafana but after security patch update some time it shows error or some times display the output could anyone help on this **Problem Descripti

Problem Description :

While running the LT-Distributed test it throws similar error on jun 22 and 23 in jenkins log.

Jun 22, 2023 3:55:33 AM INFO performDeferredLogging Azure Identity => getToken() result for scopes []: SUCCESS Jun 22, 2023 3:55:33 AM SEVERE logError CoreHttpProvider[sendRequestInternal] - 408Graph service exception Jun 22, 2023 3:55:33 AM SEVERE logError Throwable detail: Error code: Authorization_RequestDenied Error message: Insufficient privileges to complete the operation. GET,%20Siarhei SdkVersion : graph-java/v5.41.0 what is this log and how to rectify the errorDouble-check the syntax of the API request. It appears that you’re trying to retrieve user information for a specific user with the username “Kalesnikau, Siarhei” using the /users/{id} endpoint. Ensure that the user exists and the ID or username is correct.