Error AADSTS650053 when attempting Azure Ad authentication from Grafana

I have set up an Azure hosted Grafana container and have tried to integrate it with our Azure AD to allow people to sign into Grafana with their Azure AD accounts. However when attempting to actually do the Azure AD signin i am getting this error enter image description here

AADSTS650053: The application '*******' asked for scope 'name' that doesn't exist on the resource '00000003-0000-0000-c000-000000000000'. Contact the app vendor.

I am guessing it is due to the App Registration not having the correct APi permissions, it currently has 2 Microsoft Graphs Api permissions, “View users’ basic profile” and “Sing in and read user profile” as seen here enter image description here

That should allow it to read user profile names. But maybe it isn’t even user profile names its trying to read but something else? I have not been able to find anybody else encountering this issue with Grafana and other mentions of this issue are for different applications and other scopes than “name”.

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