We are using Grafana Cloud with a pro subscription in order to monitor our application’s uptime SLAs. We generate the following reports on our applications using synthetic monitoring and reporting:

  • Monthly uptime
  • Quartertly uptime
  • Yearly uptime

With Loki 2.4.0, some default Settings in Loki Config have changed.
The default for Parameter max_query_length was changed from 0h (no Limit) to 721h

Now, it’s not possible for our company to generate uptime reports for a time range bigger than 32 days. We cannot adjust this limit since we use Grafana Cloud. Support answer:

it appears the setting cannot be adjusted beyond the maximum length of queries as this is enforced on Grafana cloud instance to reduce the potential impact on hosted environments with expensive expanding queries.


  • Is it in any other way possible to generate these reports? (adjust query in some way)
  • Does Grafana enterprise have this limit as well?
  • Could we move from cloud to self-hosted and export/import our data?

I understand the impact it could have on a shared environment, however, we were subscribed to Grafana Cloud exactly for this use case.

Thank you in advance.