Epict Panel: Tresholds color for sensor value


I’m experiencing some problems with using the color treshold function in Epict Panel

My metrics are fractions and range from 0-1. I need to display 3 decimals in the dashboard. To use color treshold I have typed the command “0.05,0.4”

I want this command to do the following:
Value <= 0.05 gives color green
Value between 0.05 and 0.4 gives color yellow
Value >= 0.4 gives color red

The problem seems to be related to use of decimals somehow. I can change the treshold values and get a change of color on the metric, but there’s no logic behind the value I define as treshold and the coloring. 3 examples given below, compare the metric ‘0,008’ and the treshold values in the example

Anyone familiar with this problem and know a fix or workaround?