Encountering Error During Grafana Upgrade to v11.0.0 or v11.1.0

Dear Grafana Community,

I am reaching out for assistance as I have encountered an error while upgrading my Grafana instance to versions 11.0.0 or 11.1.0. This issue does not occur in versions prior to these. I have managed to resolve other errors related to services and plugins, but I am currently stuck on this particular problem and would greatly appreciate any help.

The functionality and grafana service are working fine but this error seems to be getting logged at time of service start or restart activity.

Here are the details of the error I am facing:

logger=plugin.angulardetectorsprovider.dynamic t=2024-07-08T09:47:28.264872084+05:30 level=error msg=“Error while updating detectors” error=“fetch: http do: Get "https://grafana.com/api/plugins/angular_patterns\”: context deadline exceeded (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)"

I would like to provide as much system information as possible, but I am unsure what details are relevant to this issue. Could someone please guide me on what additional information I should include and how I might go about resolving this error?

Thank you in advance for your help.


In most cases you can simply ignore the error. It’s more of a warning.

In case you’re interested in the details, the error indicates a timeout while contacting grafana.com to update to the cached angular detection patterns. This functionality is used for the Angular Deprecation: Angular support deprecation | Grafana documentation.

If you don’t know or use Angular plugins at all (Plugins using AngularJS | Grafana documentation), you can ignore it completely.

The error means that your Grafana instance cannot reach grafana.com, or it may indicate a temporary network failure. If you see this sporadically (or even just as soon as you start Grafana), you can safely ignore the error, as the request is retried periodically. The values that are fetched from grafana.com are cached, and there are also hardcoded ones used as a fall-back, which are updated in patch releases of Grafana. This means you can simply ignore the error, as long as you keep your Grafana instance up to date.

I remain at your disposal should you have any further questions.

Hello @giuseppeguerra,

Thank you for your swift and informative response. I appreciate the insights you’ve provided regarding the error message I’ve encountered. To provide further context, my Grafana instance is hosted on a Linux server within a Docker container that does not have access to the internet. This lack of internet connectivity is likely the root cause of the timeout issue when attempting to fetch data from grafana.com.

Given this constraint, I have taken steps to remove all timeout and ping-related errors that involve external websites outside of our intranet. However, I am still faced with same error message.

I understand that the error message can be safely ignored if we are not utilizing Angular plugins. Nevertheless, from a maintenance and cleanliness standpoint, I would prefer to address this issue directly.

Could you please advise on any configuration settings or steps I might take to suppress this specific error message or to prevent Grafana from attempting to reach out to grafana.com for updates when it does not have internet access?

Thank you in advance for your continued assistance.

I’m in the same position as @krishshewani. Is there a way to disable angulardetectorsprovider?