Email Data Query Results?

If the following inquiry or something similar) has already been posted kindly point me to that post…

*Grafana version: 7.3.5

  • We have a simple query that returns active alarms in a table format dashboard panel from various sites we monitor; the data source is a PostgreSQL db.

  • The query has a variable that filters active alarms by site; click the drop-down, click-select a site and the table updates to display only those active alarms for the chosen site.

  • Clicking the Panel Title drop-down you can select “Inspect>Data” - a “side panel” slides in showing you the query results.
    On this slide-out panel is a horizontal row that contains a big button that says, "Download CSV"
    If you click it, you get a CSV formatted file of the query results that downloads to your desktop…

  • Is it possible to create a button what will instead email that CSV file, and have that button it displayed in the main dashboard, or above the panel query results?

Hi @vernonk,

In Grafana Enterprise, you can use the Reporting feature to schedule emailed reports. But this feature is only available in the Enterprise version

Thanks for the insight. What I was hoping to find is more of an ad-hoc feature that would allow a user to select the site desired from a drop-down (which is in place and working) and then click a button permitting them download that site’s displayed active alarms formatted as a CSV.
With that CSV downloaded they would then email the file at their discretion.

It would be great if that was available without having to click edit on the panel, then go to “Inspect>Data” to see that button - essentially avoiding the user’s need to go through those extra steps.

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It’s a super interesting idea!

Indeed: it would simplify things and allow end, view-only users the ability to obtain that output to forward, accordingly.