Elasticsearch to Loki migration

I have an Elasticsearch/Graylog machine and I need to export the logs and import them into Loki. I wonder if it’s even possible and if it is then how. I can’t find any info about this. Any idea?

This isn’t the answer you’re asking for, but it has proved effective:

I’d send logs to ES and Loki and simply disable ES after a period of time. That way I wouldn’t need to worry about building an ETL job from ES → Loki. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the hint. The situation is the following:

  • there was a time when I only had ES
  • then there was a time when I had both Loki and ES simultaneously (this is about what you suggested)
  • now I only have Loki but I would like to keep the old (pre-Loki) logs somehow without having to maintain ES, i.e move logs from ES to Loki.

I see. For that you’d probably need to write a bespoke exporting tool from your ES schema → Loki.