ElasticSearch alerting Feature


Trying out he new function, but even if my notification channel is set up correctly when i try to setup the alert, I just cannot save the Alert.

When I try to save the Dashboard I got a message from the Browser along the line of " there are unsaved change"
I do not see any save button on the Alert tab.

what aam i missing ?

The alert is part of the dashboard, just save the dashboard to save the alert

I did try…I get this every time

Pretty sure I am missing something obvious, but what ?

Look at the Save Modal dialog - see the “{{ctrl.message.length || 0}} / …” That shouldn’t be there, those are variables that should be replaced with what you are typing. That happened to me to with the Beta too.

I solved it by creating a new dashboard, and rebuilding the panels.

You are correct, after updating using binaries with an elasticseach DB I need to rebuild the dashboard.

It’s working now.