Elasticsearch 6.0+ Datasources Option

HI !

I seem to have found a discrepancy between the docs and the actual code of Grafana that is a little misleading.

The documentation states that there are 4 options for the ElasticSearch version in the datasource configuration:

  • 2.x
  • 5.x
  • 5.6+
  • 6.0+


However in my install of Grafana (5.3.4) there is no 6.0+ option.

I looked around in the code and it seems to be absent (even from the 5.4.0-beta1:

switch version {
case 2, 5, 56:  

Any reason why the docs seem to be ahead of the actual code ? I found this to be quite confusing as I was looking for the option everywhere and couldn’t find it.

Thanks !

That’s very good spotted. Thank you we’ll fix that to v5.4.0 stable. However, you should be able to select 6.0+ in the datasource configuration using Grafana v5.4.0-beta1.

Fix of this issue required us to add a 6.0+ version selection.

Thanks for your quick answer. :slight_smile:

We’ll be looking forward to 5.4.0 as we are in the process of upgrading all of our Elastic Clusters to 6.4.2

Elasticsearch 6.0 have been supported since Grafana v4.1 when support for Elasticsearch 5 was added. At least I think. So nothing stopping you trying out Grafana with Elasticsearch before 5.4.0 is released. Besides 5.4.0-beta1 that is :smile: