Elastic search v API question

I have an elasticsearch dashboard that we have no control over including hardware. This is a separate contract.

We do however get a login and are responsible for some of the data that goes in / comes out.

With that said, I have about 2 dozen API calls that I typically have been just using a curl command to pull down. These are in several different indices and are typically no more then record count or averages.

Which option is better from a simplistic and usability approach and why?

  1. Multiple elasticsearch data sources, one per index?(setup time consuming)
  2. One elasticsearch data source * for index in setup and filter down the data at dashboard (isn’t this resource heavy?)
  3. JSON API call to each individual request needing made (setup time consuming)

I need this to be something that’s quickly repeatable and easy to setup, as I’d deploy it in a few different enclaves.

Setting this up in lightweight docker builds for ease of release.

Any suggestions would be great.