Elastic Search - Lucent query doesnt work for two groups filters


I have group by Service and host , if i apply two 2 lucent condition like below, it work for first group but doesnt work for second group by

service_type : (System OR Application) AND host_type : Production

I have 3 service_type categories - System, Application and Database. First condition works, it doesnt show Database. But it will all hosts includes both “Production” and “Non-Production”. How can i filter only Production?

Note: If i change the order of grouping, the “host_type : Production” works but “service_type : (System OR Application)” fails and display the Database type as well.

Is this limitation or BUG?


Try this:
service_type: (System OR Application) AND host_type: "Production"

Fadjar Tandabawana

@fadjar340. Thanks. I have tried this, it doesn’t work. It list only system and application as per query condition but list both host_type ie Production and Non-production

NOT host_type: Non AND service_type: (System OR Application)

Unfortunately, this wont work either