Dynamic waiting period in alerts

Good whatever it is where you are,

I’m tearing my hair out pretty much over my darn freezer and fridge alerts. One would think it’s easy. It’s not. A simple alarm when the temp goes above a set line does not work. Freezers vary. A running average then? Well, it’s not perfect either.

I’ve come to realize what I need is this: a point where Alerts happen but with a delay to first see if the temp goes back down. This delay should however be dynamic. If it’s only 0.5 degrees below the limit, I can well wait for 24 or even 48 hours before being notified. If it’s 2 degrees too warm I’d like to be alerted perhaps in 12 hours. If it’s 4 degrees maybe 2 hours and finally if it’s more than 6 degrees, right away?

These are just examples obviously, but you see where I’m going with it. How do I do this without setting up multiple alerts with different levels and wait periods? I don’t want a darn mess. Any ideas?