Draw circle over Worldmap, how to draw static and dinamic data at the same time?

I am using Worldmap Panel to put real time earthquake information (lat, lon, Magnitude) … But I would like to add a Circle to the map, just to show the area around specific cities (100km around a city for example).
I drew circles by adding a table to my database with the positions of all the points that make up those circles … and they are well drawn, but I have two problems:

  1. as “I have” to add the variable time to those points, the circle disappears when that time ends.

  2. I don’t know how to show data from two different tables (static and dynamic) on the same map.

maybe this is not possible, but I am a newbie in grafana…

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Hi Rodrigo,

Could you show your data structure? and talk to me about what datasource are using

Gracias Daniel por Responder.

This is part of an earthquake early warning system. There is a process that runs over a continuous data stream (comming from the sensors). When this “process” detects an “earthquake”, it writes parametric data to a postgresql database (latitude, longitude, depth, magnitude, etc …), this is the easy part… I am using grafana to plot this information continuously on a map… The idea with drawing Circles around specific locations is to have an idea of ​​how many seconds it will take for the seismic wave to reach a specific place, then, just by looking at the map, and the position of the earthquake, we have a quick idea of ​​how long it will take seismic wave to reach a city (por example) … the idea, is draw circles de 30secs, 60secs, etc …
dynamic data: earthquakes (lat, lon, Magnitude)
static data: circles de 30secs, 60secs from a location

For this stage of the project, we assume that the propagation speed of the seismic wave is constant, so we can convert distances into times…

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Hi Rodrigo,

If I understand, you have a table like:

MED 6,2 -75,56
BOG 4,35 -74,04

… and you to show a point by every city but you haven’t a time.

I think that you can solve it with a query similar to:

    current_timestamp() as time,  -- here is the trick 
    60 as value,
FROM city

and configure de plugin with table format.

Dear @rodrigo8,

while this isn’t a solution yet, we are also looking into the same direction based on our Worldmap fork if live streaming support is actually what you are asking about.

We also collected some resources around data streaming @ryantxu has been working on the other day. However, we haven’t been able to follow up on that recently.

Maybe this helps a bit. We will be happy to hear whether this resonates with you.

With kind regards,