Does a session of Grafana have to be open in the browser to aler?

This seems like a silly question, but I haven’t found it anywhere in the docs. Just to be clear, I am using Grafana Cloud.

I have a client who’s asked me if Grafana has to be opened in at least one browser session for an alert to fire. They claim there’s been an instance or two where certain alerts didn’t fire when it should have. I am just hoping to rule that out as an issue. My gut and experience tells me that alerts should fire whether a browser session is open or not. Thanks for humoring me!

I am running grafana locally, and withiut opening any browser or session my alerts are firing.
I just dont know if there is a difference between a cloud based instance vs local instance but it should fire without any session.

And also, you may check your alert configuration, the ‘validate’ for ’ certain interval’ has a lost to do with firing.

Thanks for your answer @rikutozumoko. That’s what I thought too. I did have a ‘validate’ for ’ certain interval’ configuration that I believe now was causing the issue. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t taking crazy pills! Have a great one!