Docker - Datasource Config File for MSSQL

Dear Community,

I am trying to create a Docker Container which can connect to MSSQL using config files. I am currently able to get the following fields configured using config file(provisioning YAML file):

I am however not able to configure the following fields:

Can someone please let me know if I am missing something?

Thanks and Regards,
Gomathy shankar

Have you seen the example file which shows how to configure the password field. It is has to be put into the secureJsonData section so that Grafana encrypts it. The Host field should be url in the provisioning file.

And here is an example of the provisioning file we use to spin up MSSQL in Grafana:

Hey I am looking to config the field names based on config files like renaming the field names based on config map, how this problem can be solved @gomathyshankarr @daniellee can you share a sample config file?