Distinct plugin - how to keep last value?


I use Grafana (and InfluxDB) to show some values from my smart home e.g. if window is open or closed.
For visualisation I use the distinct plugin (https://grafana.com/plugins/natel-discrete-panel). I write the window state into influxDB if the window state is changing - to keep influxDB as small as possible.

The problem I have is that the distinct plugin does not keep the last value showing. If the time range in Grafana is set e.g. to ‘Today so far’ and the window was not opened today the graph keeps empty (see window named ‘Gäste-WC’):

If you compare it to window ‘Badezimmer’ then you see there are red and green areas showing the status of the window because it was opened at around 6:00 o’clock which is in the range of ‘Today so far’.
The problem here is if the last change of window state is out of the time range of Grafana (e.g. ‘Today so far’) then the graph keeps empty instead of keeping the last value - since the window is still closed.
The complete area of the window ‘Gäste-WC’ should be presented as green bar since the window is (may several days) still closed. Hope it is clear what I mean.

Is there any solution/workaround available for this?

Did you ever find a solution?