Display values of two arrays in one graph without time-dependent x axis


I have a json file, which consists of two arrays.
One array consists of the values of the x axis and the other one the values of the y axis. See json example below. As you can see the x axis is not dependend of the time.

I would like to display these two arrays in one graph.
Can someone help me how to define the correct select command?
Thank you in advance!


            "name": "x axis",
            "value": [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8]
            "name": "y axis",
            "value": [100,200,310,444,110,742,110,121]

Best regards


What kind of graph would you like?

A simple XY Line Chart

so is this a json file or data coming from postgres?

It is a json file stored in postgres