Display total p(95) value of custom metric in loadimpact insight

I am using trend to track performance of some metric, assume LoginPageLoad.
I can see this kind of data after local run and would like to find them on insight
✓ LoginPageLoad…: avg=732.75 min=566 med=715.5 max=901 p(90)=847.8 p(95)=874.4

  1. I see that analysis tab can display that metric with accurate data for specific time stamps, but I need aggregated p(95).
  2. Also, I see that threshold is fails, but it doesn’t tell about actual p(95) duration

Could you advice how to display p(95) duration in insight?

@MaksymCode Thanks for your feedback.

We have discussed this issue and we agree Insights should also show the threshold aggregated/total value.

Below the proposal, we have in mind.

We will implement this soon but we cannot give an ETA yet.

it would be great
thank you

@MaksymCode We have recently released this feature in the LoadImpact cloud service, and now the threshold table shows the calculated value for each threshold. Thank you for your feedback.

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