Display the contents of braces

I have a wmi exporter from a Windows 7 host I have handy. Looking at the wmi_exporter from it, I see this for example:

HELP windows_os_info OperatingSystem.Caption, OperatingSystem.Version

TYPE windows_os_info gauge

windows_os_info{product="Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate ",version=“6.1.7601”} 1

When I try to graph it in Grafana I get the ‘1’ value but not the contents in the braces which would be what I want. How can I display that please?

Even better would be just the contents quoted within the braces.

Thank you.

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Ever figure this out?

Like this?

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That would work… I think. What is the config to get that to work?

This the steps:

  1. image

Metrics: avg(windows_os_info) by (product,version)
In legend : OS info: {{product}}, Version: {{version}}

  1. Select Table as visualization

  2. Transformation

Reduce: Calculation: Max

Organize Fields:

Field: Information

Select the eye icon left of Max and make it disable

  1. Apply and Save the dashboard