Display specific node ranges

I use Grafana with Graphite as a data source. The nodes that are monitored are e.g. tcn1 to tcn1797, spread over 3 rack islands. I want to split up the temperature and power consumption metrics in different overviews in Grafana.

My assumption was that I could do this with a query (series). For example; rabbitmq.ipmi.temp.tcn1 is the temperature for node tcn1. If I want to display the temperature of all nodes in island 1 (tcn[1-540]) then I thought a query like rabbitmq.ipmi.temp.tcn[1-540] would do the trick. But it doesn’t work like that. rabbitmq.ipmi.temp.tcn[1-9] works fine, but beyond that the behavior is not as I would expect. I also used multiple lines tcn[1-9] and then tcn[10-99], expecting it would only expand on the same levels. But I saw no consistent pattern.

Does anyone know how to specify these ranges in Grafana with Graphite as a data source? I prefer not to reconfigure the metrics like e.g. rabbitmq.ipmi.temp…island1.tcn1 since these layouts could change in the future.

No one? If this isn’t possible then that would be an answer too.