Display live dashboard from android TV

I want to follow the data in our factory instantly with Grafana. For this, I plan to prepare a dashboard that will update the data continuously (every 3 or 4 seconds) and display it on an android tv (which will be connected to the local network) browser. My questions are:

  1. Do I need to open a separate user account to view the dashboard I have prepared?
  2. Will people with whom I share the dashboard be able to follow up-to-date data?
  3. What is the best sharing method for this? Link or snapshot?
    Thank you.


Before answering your questions, refreshing every 3-4 seconds may not be visually pleasing depending on what your dashboard looks like, the complexity, etc. There are live streaming options (e.g. MQTT) that do update in real-time, but I digress.

  1. Are you using Grafana OSS or Grafana Cloud? If Cloud (and depending on free or paid version), there is a limit on how many concurrent sessions with the same user ID can be run. If OSS, then you set it up to have no login required (or set up a login with just the permissions you want for the Android TV account…you can create as many users as you wish with OSS).

  2. See here: Roles and permissions | Grafana documentation If you want to make it so the user(s) cannot even view a dashboard, I think you need to configure folder or org permissions.

  3. Each Grafana user just goes to https://grafana-server-address:3000 and signs in, or can view anonymously if you have that configured.

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Thank you, it was a satisfying answer.