Display full data in different ranges


I am trying to display 2 groups of data. Group 1 is 1 year of 15 minute measurements and group 2 is 3-6 years of 1 hour measurements. I obtain this data from an SQL database via query.

What I want to achieve is to fully display both groups of data on 2 separate panels. Now everything I do on one panel (zooming, selecting display data…) gets applied across all panels.

The top panel is displaying 3 years with only 1 year of data:

When I zoom in to the top panel’s data, bottom panel is also zoomed into (I want it to remain on the timerange it was before):

Thank you!

welcome to the :grafana: forum, @timosenko1

I don’t know if you what you want is possible, but I wanted to make sure that you have explored the timeshift feature inside each panel editor. This lets you shift the view on a per panel basis. Might get you partially unblocked?