Discord alerts with mentions don't work

I created my webhook and the alerts go into my discord server fine, but the mention doesn’t work. I tried the following in the message content field where it says Mention a group using @ or a user using <@ID> when notifying in a channel


None of these 3 seem to work. I see the literal text of the usernames, but it’s not highlighted and clickable like normal mentions are so i’m sure it’s interpreted as pure text instead of an actual @mention

Anyone else having this problem? Without the mention I don’t get alerted on my mobile and defeats the purpose of alerts.

hi, @eeldivad,

It looks like you are not using the proper User ID. The number should be much longer. Follow this guide to turn on Developer Mode in Discord and copy your proper id. Then, in Grafana, add your mention like this:


Substitute your number after the @. I did that and the new messages were tagging the user properly. Hope this helps!