Disabling the Sign In option

Hi all,
I am trying to embed a dashboard to my webapp, which I am able to do by setting the
auth.anonymous = true
allow_embedding = true

But when the dashboard is displayed the Sign In option come at the left side bar menu, which when clicked takes me to login page, which I don’t want.
So I tried to disable the side bar menu
disable_signout_menu = false
But this doesn’t help, then I tried by setting the
disable_login_form = true
signout_redirect_url = “dashboard URL”
Now, the in the login page the login fields are not coming but still it is going to the login page. In the URL I can see
dashboard URL/login?redirect=%2Fd%2FrbmKvDDZk%2Ftelegraf-system-metrics

Can someone guide me what is the right way to disable the side bar menu fully or something similar.

There is no option to disable sign in

You could add some custom CSS that hides the button - or sidebar altogether - from the user. It sounds like that’s basically what you’re after?

Yeah that’s what I want but it’s not possible with CSS because changing style of an iframe embedded child page does not work cross domain.

@dipdeb I have the same issue that I would like to hide the Grafana sidebar and was just wondering if you solved the problem?

I didn’t solve it but you can do it with by editing the CSS for sidebar as mentioned above but that’s not the right way because you’ll have to edit the CSS in every installation of Grafana. There’s another way of doing it, by using of a proxy server. Edit grafana.ini
enabled = true
# URL to redirect the user to after sign out
signout_redirect_url=<PUT YOUR OWN HTML page, which you can close using javascript>
I’ve adopted the second approach using Apache server as reverse proxy server.
Hope, I am able to make you understand.