Disable annotations in certain graphs

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to enable an annotation in certain graphs only?
I want to enable an annotation but only to appear in two graphs (In this case I do not want them to to appear in the two graphs above).

Thank you beforehand.

Hi @jmu,

Thanks for opening this post.

So, if I understood you correctly. The scenario is that you have a Dashboard which has e.g. 3 panels showing some graph visualisation.

Do you want that panel 1 and 2 to show annotation while panel 3 don’t?

Hi @usmanahmad,

That’s what i want yes.

As far as i’m concerned, this is not possible in the annotation configuration.

Am I wrong?

Hi @jmu,

Quick question. At the moment are you using Annotation by defining an “Annotation Query” inside: Dashboard => Settings => Annotation => and then the query for your data source?


Yes, using flux I made a query inside Annotation.

hi @jmu,

I have asked the folks directly and this is not possible as Dashboard created Annotations will be displayed on panel visualisations as this is the expected behaviour.

I personally have not tested it out (no guarantee whether it will work or not) but you can try to edit the Panel JSON and remove the Annotation part.

Maybe it works or breaks the Panel (make a duplicate before testing it out :grinning:)